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May I present to you, her glorious sexiness; the most dazzling instrument known to man, headlining in Bangkok, Amsterdam, and Celebration Florida; renowned burlesque peformer:


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Insanity brought on thanks to peaceofpie. Love ya, Danni!
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I attended a Power Rangers convention this weekend. I GOT HUGGED BY AUSTIN ST JOHN TWICE and must be the sweetest man ever. I got a few pictures of him on my phone and my friend Julia got a picture or two of me standing by him. He's gotten chubby, but in a good way! He's soooooooo adorable.

I have a replica of a Red communicator, a Tommy figure, a German-speaking Jason figure, and am making payments for a real Red communicator prop. They're going to adjust the band so it can fit around my wrist. (And on the back of the band? It reads: "Jason" Austin. You know, so they'd know whose was whose.)

When I met Austin I just about CRIED. With joy, of course. But when he hugged me again? ALMOST CRIED. Just listening to Puddle of Grace and writing about Austin? Yup, almost CRYING. It's an absolute honour to meet this man. Complete. Honour.

I'm upstairs in the room taking a snack break. And thinking of Austin. And how awesome he is. Auggghhh he must be mine. ;______________;

All I have with me is a small bag of Cheese Nips, BBQ mini rice cakes, a 7up, and a banana. Because, alas? NO MORE MONEH. Yeah. Uhm. My replica communicator took it all out of me.

Ah well.


I will not stop talking about Austin. He's too awesome.

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Hello out thar!

This is the obligatory public post for the LJ swap I'm on.

Lesseeeee.. I'm getting a tattoo today! It's going to be awesome. See icon for tattoo design. It's basically a lezzie tat; two 'G's back to back, meaning girl on girl. It took me for fucking ever to find it, but lovely Cami reminded me.

I had a horrible morning. I woke up early because I'm excited/nervous about my first tattoo. Therefore, nauseous. Liek whoa. So I took two Pepto Bismols and went to sleep for a few hours.

I should be unloading the dishwasher but UHM LAZAY. XD

I went yarn shopping! My birthday was May 31 and my grandma was so kind to give me a grand $100, on which I bought yarn.. yarn.. yarn.. and needles! .. yarn.. X3 It was perfect, because the total was a measely $93 but I had only $100 so it was good.

My best buddy gave me a gift certificate to yarnmarket.com as a thank you for feeding her puppies while they were away. Of course, I went over the limit and spent $105 worth. I mean, c'mon. YARN.

I should go do my chore. Keyword being 'should'.


*bounces off*


I recently lost one of my seven birds. Rumil passed on due to paint fumes in our house. I tried to help her, but she was gone yesterday morning. I miss her terribly. She was a peach-faced lovebird, full of life, energy, and chirps.

I really miss her little twittering.

I stood by her grave today and cried. I told her what a good bird she was and shared my memories. I'm really going to miss (and already do) my babyface.

She was so young, only a few years.

Too young.

I'm going to knit something pretty for Rumil and Shadow (my black lab who recently died). I was thinking of peach and green feather-shaped swatches for Rumil, and a black pillow for Shadow. He loved the couch, so I thought I'd make a pillow and set it there with a raised 'S' on it. I'll make as many feathers as I can and display them around my room.

On another note, I have stomach gas, and therefore am burping a lot. I can't try and go to sleep without my stomach feeling bloated and me trying to burp out this gas. I took two gas relief chewable things, but I'm waiting for them to work. RAAARR GASSSSSS.

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*waves to her secret lj knitting/crochet pal*

I'm not asleep. Instead, I'm up scratching at all my battle scars (bugbites) and feeling hungry, but unwilling to trudge downstairs for some food or Diet Coke, which I'm craving. Augh.

I'm still knitting away. I have yet to finish those two sweaters.. well, one's a cardigan, but shh. That's for me. :D

I TOTALLY looted Elegance Designer Yarns the other day. I didn't rape or pillage, but I definitely looted. I was like, "omg stuff is discounted and I only spent $125! :DDD" $125? Is good for me. I've done worse. MUCH worse.

But, yeah.

Attempted to get a Wacom tablet at COMP USA today since they're closing. Alas, I was so late. They only had some scattered items left and NO BAWLS. DD: I really wanted that case of Bawls drinks and yeah. Bawls. Mmm. They had the mints but I couldn't sneak away with them on my own. >.>

HEY. HEY, greenkit! *SCRATCHES*

That is all.

Except that yes, I know that this post is public, and public it shall remain. Spanks and danke.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Love you all.

and too bad that I killed your flist with big images! >:D it's my way of giving my love.
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I'm making my LJ FRIENDS ONLY.

I'll be posting a FRIENDS ONLY banner soon.

Just thought you all would like to know. :D
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